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Nugget Finder 25" Super Lite Mono Field Test - Arizona Outback

Nugget Finder 25” SLM (Super-Lite Mono)



If you want to cover lot’s of ground searching for big gold then you might want to look at Nugget Finders new 25” S.L. After swinging the 16” round mono for the last year, I decided to increase my coverage by upgrading to a bigger coil. I was set on a 25” coil when the new S.L. line was announced and I jumped at the opportunity to try one of the first big coils in the U.S. The area I detect is vast and the possibility for big gold is very good, so I decided the cost was worth the chance. 

When this monster arrived in the mail I was a bit concerned about fatigue. Would I be able to use it all day long like the 16” round? I grabbed a scale and compared weights between the two. There was only 9 oz. Difference, and my super bungee didn’t have a problem properly balancing the load. The size of the coil dictates that you proceed slower than it’s smaller relatives, but this is an advantage as slower is better when looking for deep targets.

One of the first things I noticed after turning on the detector was a decrease in the background interference. During the tuning process it was much quieter, and after ground balancing I could tell that it was definitely quieter than my two previous 16” round monocoils. I use a Minelab GP3000, and my settings were mono, deep, and sensitive, just like on the smaller 16” monocoils. After searching in a new spot for just 20 minutes, I found a 3.7-ounce nugget at 14”. Not bad for my first nugget with a new coil, but how much smaller gold was I missing by swinging a big mono? My question was answered a few minutes later when I found a 6-gram specimen with approx 2.5 grams of gold at 12 inches. The target was faint but unmistakable. The signal from the 25” was more stable in uneven/sloped terrain and it was quieter than the 16’s when slightly canting to pinpoint targets.

One of the reasons I wanted to try this coil is because of all the thick grass covering my hunting area. I knew that it was impossible to get good coil to ground contact and my hope was to compensate with more power. Eventually though, the constant action of pressing the coil down on the grass did cause me to tire. After three hours or so of this and I was ready for a break. In my opinion, this was still a success as I did manage to find enough gold to more than pay for the coil.

Overall I’m very happy with the performance of my 25” S.L. The amount of ground I covered in such a short period of time was amazing. Now if I could only find more time to chase those nuggets. The bottom line is this coil is a quality piece of equipment and an excellent addition to your coil arsenal. If big nuggets and covering lot’s of ground are what you’re after, this is your coil.

Nugget Finder 25" Super Lite Mono Field Test
Nugget Finder 25" Super Lite Mono Field Test - Arizona Outback


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