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2-Piece Carbon Fiber Upper Shaft 37"
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2-Piece Carbon Fiber Upper Shaft 37"
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2-Piece Carbon Fiber Upper Shaft 37"
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Here is a great product to compliment the Minelab range of gold detectors. This incredibly durable, yet ultra-light weight upper shaft is made of pultruded carbon with a 3K twill wrap and is designed to be a replacement for the stock aluminum shafts supplied with all Minelab pulse induction machines. It has long been thought that the aluminum shafts may reduce both the detector's sensitivity and overall depth penetration by interfering with the search coil. This carbon fiber (CF) shaft will do neither. CF is also stronger than aluminum, plus it is considerably lighter.


Our 2-piece shaft is ideal for prospectors that like to travel with their metal detector and need it to be as portable as possible. Very handy for packing in luggage. This product uses a cam twist lock to ensure that the lower half does not rattle around inside the upper half. Our cam twist lock is the very same as used by Minelab. Compatible with all Minelab GPX, GP, and SD Series metal detectors. CNC machined and assembled in the USA.

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2-Piece Carbon Fiber Upper Shaft 37"


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