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Gold Screamer Battery Kit (GP/SD)
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Gold Screamer Battery Kit (GP/SD)
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Gold Screamer Battery Kit (GP/SD)
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Are you tired of lugging around a heavy, full-size stock battery all day? How about constantly getting your power cable tangled in the brush? If you answered yes to either of these, then look no further - the solution is here! With the Gold Screamer Power Pack you can eliminate both weight and hassle. This lightweight, Lithium-Ion Battery System is available for the Minelab GPX 5000, GPX-4500 and GPX-4000 Series gold detectors. Since the entire system only weighs fourteen ounces it can be mounted directly to the side of the metal detector using the supplied padded control box cover. It provides the user with up to eight hours of detection, plus the awesome amplification power of the Gold Screamer Amp. The amp has adjustable volume control and is designed to amplify the signal response from very small or deeply buried nuggets. It is ideal for persons with some hearing loss.

What’s Included in the Kit?
7000 mAh Premium Lithium Ion Batteries* x 2

Gold Screamer Power Pack Amplifier x 1

Deluxe AC/DC Battery Charger x 1

Control Box Cover w/ Integrated Pouch x 1


Some owners have reported an improvement in their detector’s stability. While cases may vary depending upon location and levels of EMI, this improvement in “smoothness” may be a pleasant side effect of eliminating the long power cable. The real benefit is the reduced weight, and the freedom of not being tethered to your detector with a power cable. The included amplifier will also allow the use of External Speakers. Speakers are great for hot weather detecting where headphones become uncomfortable, or in areas with rattle snakes, bears, etc. If you need an optional External Speaker they can be purchased here at Arizona Outback and are compatible with the Gold Screamer kit.


The stock Minelab Lithium-Ion batteries are excellent quality, but they are much too bulky to be mounted to the detector itself, therefore the user will always be connected to the machine via the power cable. The Gold Screamer Battery is also modular, so a spare or replacement battery can be purchased for as little as $45. Whereas if the entire Minelab battery needs to be replaced it will cost nearly $450.00!


*We reserve the right to substitute components that function as well as or better than those pictured. We are currently using PREMIUM POWER 2000 Chargers and DELUXE Power 2000 batteries which are far superior to the charger and batteries pictured. And while the Power 2000 batteries are only 7000 mAh compared to the 7800 mAh they last almost a half hour longer in actual use.

*The manufacturer of the GS Kit can only warranty batteries for 30 days. If you get a battery and it is working fine, (all batteries are tested before they are shipped) there is no reason why that battery should not give you years of service provided you take care of it properly. Lithium-Ion batteries like to be used, and recharged. They do not like to be left lying around, with or without a charge. If you plan on storing your battery be sure to charge it first. Keep it out of extreme heat or cold, and never store it for more than 30 days without discharging and recharging it. A fully charged battery should put out a voltage of at least 8 volts. A discharged battery should typically read around 7.2 volts.

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Gold Screamer Battery Kit (GP/SD)


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