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Snake Guardz
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Snake Guardz
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Snake Guardz
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Revered by prospectors everywhere for their unmatched protection against snakebite, cactus thorns, briars and brambles, the Snake Guardz line of snake-proof chaps offer a peace of mind at a reasonable price. These chaps have been rigorously tested by America's leading snake experts and are guaranteed snake-proof against all North American poisonous snakes. Snake Guardz™ are manufactured with 1000 Denier Cordura™ Nylon encasing polycarbonate inserts which stop the fangs of poisonous snakes. They weigh only 10-ounces and are impact tested by the United States Testing Laboratory to ASTM (test method F-1342-91). They stop a 12 gauge shotgun blast at 20 yards. The gun used in this testing was a Remington Model 11-87, 12 gauge, 28 inch barrel, full choke and 3-1-8 lead shot loads. The fabrics have 1-ounce of urethane applied to the inside surface for water resistance.

Snake Guardz™ secure to the lower leg of the wearer with two 1 inch polyester straps and polyurethane quick release buckles. They have been designed to allow air to flow between the chap and the leg, providing cool and comfortable protection and unrestricted movement. They contain no metal, so they will not interfere with a metal detector. This product is ideal for prospectors, hunters, hikers, campers, fishermen, ranchers and surveyors. Snake Guardz™ are backed by a lifetime warranty and are available in a Mossy Oak Break Up pattern.

* Guaranteed snake-proof leg protection
* The most well-known patented snake proof chap in America
* Lightweight 1000 Denier Cordura™ Nylon
* Waterproof stay-dry with our polyurethane coating
* Excellent protection against briars and cactus
* Heavy duty, locking, non-corrosive, black buckles keep chaps held firmly in place
Snake Guardz Sizing Chart
50- 100 lb Person
9 to 14 inch circumference calves
100- 200 lb Person
14 to 18 inch circumference calves
180- 250 lb Person
18 to 23 inch circumference calves
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Snake Guardz


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